Boot Camp Wods for Mar. 25-30

Published March 24, 2019

Wod: Chipper for time of: (no time cap)
22 Wreck Bag Cleans (50/35)
22 Wreck Bag Squats
22 Hanging Bicycles (44 total)
6 Sled Pushes down and back (Madd45/Fadd25)
22 Wreck Bag Viking Presses
22 Wreck Bag Facing Burpees
22 Hanging Knee Raises
6 Sled Pushes down and back (Madd45/Fadd25)
22 Wreck Bag Wood Chops R
22 Wreck Bag Wood Chops L
:22s L-Hang
Swod: Bulgarian Split Squats 3 x 8 R+L (building)
Metcon: Partner Wod: 3-6-9-12-9-6-3 for time of: (33M Time Cap)
Strict Pullups
Assault Bike Calories
*I go you go after every task 
Swod: Single Arm KB Clean & Strict Press 5 x 5 R+L
           5 x 8 Ring Rows (advanced legs up on bench)
Metcon: 21-18-15-12 of: 
Row Calories
KB Bench Press 
Dbl KB Deadlifts
Wod: V02 Max  - :15sec on :15sec off for 30 Minutes
Station #1: Russian Swings R
Station #2: Russian Swings L
Station #3: Goblet Push Presses
Station #4: Box Step Ups
Station #5: Pullover Situps
Station #6: Plank Jacks
Friday - *8:30am and 6:00PM class is fitness with friends mystery wod - limit to 2 free classes 
Swod: E2M x 14M 
15 Rope Slams + 5 KB Goblet Thrusters + 5 KB SDHP (athletes choice)
Metcon: Partner Wod - 25M Amrap of: 
Row 500M 
Run 400m 
20 Walking Lunges 
40 Vups
60 Mountain Climbers

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