Your Boot Camp Wods for April 15-20

Published April 14, 2019

Swod: Dbl KB Deadlift 3 x 15
           Ab Mat Situps 3 x 25
Metcon: "KB True Grit" - For Time: (20M Time Cap)
Row 2000/1500m
*EMOM Death by Goblet Thruster (53/35) 
*Example: Row until the 1 minute mark then stop rowing and perform 1 Goblet Thruster then start rowing again immediately. On minute 2 stop and do 2 Goblet Thrusters then start rowing again, etc...Clock stops when you hit 2000/1500 meters. 
Wod: 4RDSFT: (38M Time Cap)
Run or Power Walk 800m
21 Swing Switches (53/35)
21 Box Step Ups (24/20)
Run or Power Walk 1600m
21 Box Step Ups (24/20)
21 Swing Switches (53/35)
Run or Power Walk 800m
Swod: EMOM x 12M - 7 Russian Swings (70/53)(age 55+ 53/40)
Metcon: 20M Amrap of: 
Assault Bike 1/2 Mile
10 Strict Pullups
20 Dbl KB Push Press 

Wod: 3 Rounds of: 6 - 1 Minute Stations - :15seconds rest between stations - 3:00 rest between rounds
Station #1: Single Unders
Station #2: KB Snatches (any weight)(swing switch as needed)
Station #3: KB Pullover Situps (22/18)
Station #4: Renegade Plank
Station #5: KB One Arm Russian Swings (swing switch as needed)
Station #6: Jumping Pullups
Friday - *8:30am and 6:00PM class is fitness with friends mystery wod - limit to 2 free classes 
*0830 will be fitness with friends and do the same workout Momo plans for the 6pm fitness with friends class 
Swod: Dbl KB Clean & Press 3 x 10
           KB Bent Row 3 x 10 R+L
Metcon: 3RDSFT of: (18M Time Cap)
100m Dbl KB Farmers Carry 
25 Hand Release Pushups
25 Hanging Bicycles 

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