Boot Camp Wods May 20-25

Published May 19, 2019

Swod: KB Bench Press 3 x 10 (building)
           Dbl KB Deadlift 3 x 10 (building)
Metcon: 3RDSFT of: (15M Time Cap)
15 Dbl Deadlifts (62's/44's)
15 Hand Release Pushups
15 American Swings (62/44)
Wod: Aerobic Chipper (no time cap)
50c Row
10c Bike
40c Row
20c Bike
30c Row
30c Bike
20c Row
40c Bike
10c Row
50c Bike
Swod: KB Strict Press 3 x 3 R+L (building)
           Ring Row 3 x 10
Metcon: Partner Wod - 20 RDSFT of: (Time Cap 26M)
15 Russian Swings (53/35)
5 Burpees
*I go you go after every round - 10 Rounds each 
Swod: Strict Pull-ups 3x5
           KB Squats R+L 3x5 (building)
Metcon: 3 RDSFT of: (19M Time Cap)
8 Snatches R+L
8 Clean & Thrusters R+L
8 Bent Rows R+L
Run 200m

Friday - *8:30am and 6:00PM class is fitness with friends mystery wod - limit to 2 free classes 
*0830 will be fitness with friends and do the same workout Momo plans for the 6pm fitness with friends class 
Skill: 10 Minutes to practice and warm up to the Heavy Double Kb Clean. 
Hero Wod: "KB Havana" - 25M Amrap of: 
150 Single Unders
50 Pushups
15 Dbl KB Cleans (53's/35's)

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