Top 5 things I wish women knew about CrossFit -by JFab

Published December 27, 2016

What top 5 things I wish women knew about Crossfit!


1: It's hard to be Bulky!!


When I try to get new friends or women to come check out CrossFit the #1 excuse I always hear is, "I don't want to get Bulky." In reality, the women that come to mind when you think of CrossFit women who are "bulky" are typically exceptional athletes that have been training hard for years. It doesn't just happen over night, It takes a very strict diet, lifting program and many hours a day of working out. For the everyday mom or female looking to have a good time while working out with a great group of people, its hard to achieve the "bulky look." The chemistry and encouragement from the coaches and your classmates is what helps you become a better you. It pushes you to be stronger, healthier and want to live a happier lifestyle. The only person you have to impress is yourself. Everyone will cheer and clap when you hit that new PR, but only you can enjoy the real accomplishment that is felt inside of becoming stronger,healthier, and more confident.


2: We do lots of Cardio, Abs and Butt workouts!  


My second favorite excuse is, "well I prefer to just do cardio, abs and butt workouts." Well that's great because let me tell you about all the lifting/conditioning that we do that not only tone those areas but help you become much stronger as well. 

Wall Balls: weighted ball thrown to a target on the wall that you catch while on the way down to a squat. (Abs, Arms, Butt, Quads) 

American Kettlebell Swings: requires strength from a tight core while squeezing the glutes and quads at every swing to get the kettlebell to travel overhead. 

Toes to Bar: well touch those toes to the pullup bar... that's not going to happen with out a little grip strength but also a strong core to get your legs up!

Rowing and Running: yes we row and run not only as a warm up but often times in the workout. It helps you build stamina, lean out, and of course is great for your heart. 

Long conditioning workouts or short, you're going to have some kind of cardio kick in. Without having cardio it would seem almost impossible to get through some of the workouts. I don't think I've ever done a CrossFit class and not been out of breath afterwards. No we don't just go run for an hour or do 100 sit ups or squats, it's all just grouped into different functional movements, Olympic lifting, and metcons to accomplish it. So no need to worry, you will work on your Abs, Butt and Cardio! 


3: Working out within a group setting or with men ISN'T embarrassing! 


My 3rd favorite excuse is, "it's embarrassing to work out with a bunch of people or men you don't know because, I don't want them to stare at me the whole time during the workout." Umm, well honey as much as we all will love you and you love yourself, I hate to break it to you but no one will be staring at you! It's hard enough to keep focus on your own workout, reps, time, and weight let alone worry about someone else. Yes, everyone loves to cheer for one another regardless if you are first or last. Lastly, others may jump in with you so you don't feel like you finished alone or like they are just staring at you. Men only seem embarrassing until you find yourself racing against one! Friendly competition is  always fun especially when you can beat a male at a workout! I only beat my husband a few times a year but yeah when I do I brag and let him know I won!! So it's actually a great,encouraging, fun way to workout! 


4: It's for people of all ages, gender, body types and disabilities! 


My 4th favorite excuse is, "well I am too fat, out of shape, old, or I can't do it due to this surgery or that bad knee." My favorite, isn't lifting for men? No CrossFit is for everyone!! I have men and women at our box over the Age of 80. I know men and women who have lost over 100lbs from when they first walked in the door. I also know people who were on lots of medications who became healthier and were able to come off the meds. We have lots of women who have learned the proper techniques of lifting to not only become proficient lifters but stronger women! We have had men and women with multiple disabilities and surgeries come in and not only see that it's easy to scale to their abilities, but have become more mobile and accomplished things they haven't done in decades! So Yes, CrossFit is for everyone! No you don't walk in the door as the perfect CrossFitter in the gym, but who did? Everyone started somewhere and over time got to where they are now! We can scale every workout to the ability of an 13 year old kid all the way to 90 yr old lady, and that's what makes it unique. 


5: Every class is fun and makes working out seem like a party! 


My 5th favorite excuse is, "well it seems very intense,competitive,hard and not fun." Well then you must be completely blind! I have yet to walk into or be in a class where people weren't laughing, catching up on shows or books they are reading, dancing when a good jam comes on or simply just enjoying each other's company while working out. Yes people are there to get stronger, get a good workout in, have a friendly rival, but also to have a good time!  It's a very well balanced mixed of working out and being with a group of people that shortly becomes a gym family to you. It's what makes the box so fun and special! It's that community that keeps you coming back everyday regardless of how painful the workout may seem. It's the joy you get from being around people you enjoy who only bring you up and help you become a better stronger healthier you!  


It doesn't matter that you are a Mom, Sister, Friend, Wife, Daughter or a Female! CrossFit is for every female from every side of life regardless of what image you make it out to be. It's a community that makes working out enjoyable and gives a great sense of accomplishment. It pushes you to be comfortable where it's uncomfortable. It makes you feel proud of how you look who you are and what you have accomplished. Be your own strength join the program and have fun along the journey! 

Stay true to yourself and be the you that makes you most happy! 

-JFab ❤️️

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