Sharpening your mind -by Momo

Published February 3, 2017

   I wanted to take some time out to write about sport psychology. We focus so much on the physical side of getting fit & healthy, but often forget the psychological side. I truly believe that the physical always follows the mind!!
   I am such a fan of all of you! When I hear negative speech from our athletes it hurts me because I can see so much in each of you. The clients that go to Bion are truly amazing and have accomplished so much it's astonishing. I believe that Fitness in general teaches so much, how to achieve more than possible, how to push, and how to never give up. Positive thinking/speech is just another aspect we can learn inside the gym that spills out into our lives and effect everyone around us in a great way. It allows us to go out and be brighter lights to the world. So how can we tackle this gentle giant of negative thoughts/speech? And choose victory over mediocrity. Well, to start here are a few things I personally do.
Momo's Jedi Mind Tricks:
1.) I am such a firm believer in affirmations that I make my kids yell them out on the way to school. "I'm smart!" "I help others in need."  "I'm a winner." "Watch Out World cause here I come!"  This may seem silly but I believe affirmations program your mind. It is like doing a clean over and over again to program muscle memory.
2.) When going for a PR know your weights ahead of time so that you don't have to count during. When you are going for that PR tell yourself it is a lower weight, trick yourself into really thinking that it is. Also don't change anything! Do the exact same things you do on your lower weights.
3.) Reframe your sentences for example instead of saying "I can't do a muscle up." Say "I can't do a muscle up yet." Or perhaps say "I am on my way to getting a muscle up." 
4.) Visualize what you want.
5.) Write down your goals and tell someone that can keep u accountable.
6.) Do not compare yourself with others. Be the best you, you can be.
Everyday you are getting better and better! I hope this helps.
Love, Momo

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