Parting thoughts from the 2017 Open Season -by Kory

Published March 30, 2017

The 2017 CrossFit Open season is officially over! For some that brings relief, others may feel despondent, no matter which you are, walk away feeling proud of your accomplishments. We were all lucky to have our health and able to perform the wods that were handed us!


After having time to let it all sink in, I thought about what the highlights of the open were for me and would like to share that list with you.


1. Seeing "first timers" take it all in. The open is an opportunity to see novice to advanced athletes perform the same workout and figure out how to tackle the tasks at hand. The open shows no matter which level you are, we all suffer the same pain and for some sickening reason it unites us. Seeing beginners experience that brings me joy and shows what this sport is really all about.

2. Seeing our athletes have major breakthroughs. Remember watching some of our athletes get their first bar muscle up? Me too! It was exhilirating.

3. How great our staff and volunteers were at helping organize, promote, and execute the weekly logistics asscociated with running the open. There are a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into hosting the open wods, and I certainly couldn't do it without the help of all the coaches and volunteers.

4. Pulling off the first attempt at having an intramural open. Certainly it had a fair share of flaws, but I felt we did a pretty good job adding the intramural open this year. Next year it will be even better!

5. No major injuries. Every sport has it's fair share of injuries. CrossFit is no exception to that rule. I was proud of how most of our athletes came in early, got a good warm up, and kept themselves injury free.

6. I felt like each and every one of my 1 on 1 clients were prepared every week for the unknown. No matter what the weekly challenge was they were all confident, and executed their strategies flawlessly. That was awesome. 

7. Our group training clients were very well prepared for all the movements and time domains presented in the open wods. Even with the addition of Dumbbells in the open this year, it didn't phase any of our BCF athletes.

8. Many of our athletes had goals of where they would like to score compared to last years open. It was neat to see their year of training pay off and accomplish those goals.


The list could go on, but I would like to read about what your highlights of this years CrossFit Open were?


Until next time heres to another year of safe, intense, and mindful training!




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