Own your strengths -by Momo

Published September 29, 2017


  We all do the same workouts and every day challenges me. As a coach I love celebrating everyone's differences and achievements, but sometimes I feel distressed when I hear a client say, "but I didn't RX the workout!" Remember that it's not about doing every workout RX or feeling shame because you didn't RX a movement, it's about finding your strength in the movement and working to improve and build upon it. Every advanced movement has a progression. When we follow these guidelines it allows us to progress in the movement. Have patience and enjoy the journey. I always think "it's the hard that makes it great," when you have to work toward something it makes it much sweeter. As a coach I am just as excited to see someone overcome their fear and jump on a 16 inch box as I am of someone achieving the first Muscle up. Celebrate every season!! The clients at Bion are so amazing! 

So I challenge you to attack each work out in the way it's designed, find your own strengths, and become a master at every level/progression. Take it day by day and do the very best that you can. See you at the gym.



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