Hierarchy of Development The Foundation: Nutrition -by Steph

Published October 7, 2017

Do you ever think that CrossFit is hard? I mean really difficult? Maybe you find that there are a few workouts right in your wheel-house but even then, when done with the correct intensity, you still find yourself in a heap on the floor after a quick glance at the clock to note your time. Well, I’m about to burst you bubble. The workout is likely not the hardest part of CrossFit. What most athletes know, but don’t act upon, is link between performance at the gym and every nutritional decision you have made prior to walking inside the building.

“Metcon” is short for Metabolic-Conditioning and is defined by Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary as “the chemical and physical processes by which a living thing uses food for energy and growth”. 

So here’s the deal: How you feel and how you recover after a grueling Metcon is a direct result of the food you have given your body to convert to energy. That is why nutrition is the foundation of the CrossFit Athlete development pyramid. 

When I first started CrossFit, I would go to Dawn Patrol and complete the Metcon, then I would return in the afternoon and repeat the same Metcon. More often than not, I would improve my time by a considerable amount. While a few factors could have impacted this result, one thing I knew for certain: I did NOT get fitter in the 10 hours between classes where I was sitting at my desk-job. I know what had changed in those 10 hours was the fact that I had eaten 4-5 small balanced meals. I had set myself up for success by giving my metabolism some clean fuel to burn.

If developing as an athlete is important to you, then the foundation of development should be important to you. 

Practical Applications:

  • If “nutrition” sounds scarier than completing “Murph", ask for help. All of us coaches want you to be your best.
  • If you have a plan for your nutrition- stick to it! Don’t let the donuts in the breakroom or the pizza at the party distract you from the clean-fuel you have prepared for your day
  • Haters are going to hate- changing the way you choose to fuel your body will not go un-noticed. Ideally everyone will support you, (I know this is true of your Bion Family) but keep your goals in mind. Your goals, your fuel!

Focus on building your strongest foundation. The next time a Metcon leaves you laid out on the floor (because even with solid nutrition, intensity is king) maybe it will only take a few deep breaths before you can get back up and go encourage the other athletes around you- which is what makes Bion the special place that it is!

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