Welcoming Kristen Arnold to Bions Team of Coaches!

Published April 17, 2018

Bion CrossFit would like to welcome Kristen Arnold to the amazing team of coaches here at Bion CrossFit. As you will see below, Kristen has many wonderful talents and area's of expertise. We're especially excited she will be offering Adaptive Personal Training for Adaptive athletes of all types along with coaching some classes. 
Here is a bio on Kristen. Enjoy! 
Kristen Arnold is a CFL1 trainer with over nine years of experience in CrossFit, helping many athletes grow their potential and improve their level of fitness. 
She has combined her ten-year career in education with her passion for teaching into the gym, connecting with athletes of all ability levels. She has an adaptive athlete herself, a four-year-old son with Down syndrome who inspires her daily by overcoming his own challenges. 
Kristen is also a three-time CF Games team competitor and understands that CF at any level is about supporting each other in pursuit of becoming better people. 
She has a BA in Special Education, a Master’s in Teaching, CFL1, Olympic Lifting Certification, and has attended the CF-approved Adaptive Alliance Course. Her husband of seven years is a Combat Rescue Officer in the Air Force, and she also has a five-month-old daughter.

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