What is Adaptive Training?

Published April 23, 2018

Adaptive Program at Bion Crossfit

“It’s not just about fitness. It’s about developing the ability to live your best life, no matter what the circumstances.” --Crossroads Alliance

Mission Statement: 

The Adaptive Program at Bion CrossFit is designed to provide athletes with different abilities unrestricted access to fitness in an inclusive, supportive environment. We believe that each athlete has strengths from which to build on to improve his or her quality of life, level of independence, and overall health. It is our mission to create a place and a program where athletes feel welcome, independent, and capable. 


We are partners with the athlete, families, caretakers, and other key players (Medical Providers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.) offering a specialized fitness plan for athletes with physical and intellectual limitations in order to help them meet their personal goals. After completing an “Athlete Assessment,” with the lead coach, the athlete will be able to attend personal training sessions. Appropriate modifications and accommodations will be implemented to ensure athletes’ safety is top priority. 


Who is considered an adaptive athlete? 

An adaptive athlete is someone who requires specialized modifications beyond the scaling option in group CrossFit classes. Individuals with cognitive or intellectual disabilities, and those who have physical disabilities are considered adaptive athletes. 

What will the individualized training plan look like? 

The lead coach and the athlete will collaborate together from day one to configure what the ultimate goal is. From there, the coach will develop an initial 12-week plan and adjust as needed based on the athlete’s rate of progression. The coach will also encourage the athlete in developing healthy habits outside of the gym. 

What can I expect in a training session?

Because the adaptive program is based on various individuals’ needs, each session will be designed differently. However, a basic structure of the session will typically include a coach-led warm-up, guided strength and/or accessory work, cardio, cool-down, and mobility work. 

What types of support can you offer?

Depending on the athlete’s needs, we can provide various “workarounds” and equipment modifications, visual and behavioral supports, modeling, a structured schedule, video analysis for form correction, and ongoing positive reinforcement. We will do our absolute best to accommodate each athlete based on his or her level of need. 

When can I start? 

Contact Kristen Arnold at kristen.anne.arnold@gmail.com or 808-492-8283 to schedule an initial athlete assessment! 


Contact Kory Faber at BionCrossFit@yahoo.com for additional details. 

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