Bion CrossFit & Personal Training: Not your average gym!

Published January 31, 2019

Kory Faber, owner of Bion CrossFit & Personal Training describes their gym as "not your average gym". It is a gym that was visioned, designed, and built from the ground up by its owner with one goal in mind; give their members the absolute best facility to train in and fill it with the best coaches possible. Better than the facility itself are the members that come in and put their faith and trust into Bion.

Some of the happy members of Bion CrossFit

What separates Bion CrossFit from other gyms? First, their gym community is much more than a community, it is a family. They have a gym full of members who are absolutely selfless and truly care for one another. Kory emphasized, “They are the most kind, humble, and giving members any gym could ask for. Together we celebrate much more than PR’s - we celebrate birthdays, marriages, promotions, anniversaries, milestones, and many other successes. On the flip side, we are always there for one another in times of need - deaths, divorces, injuries, sicknesses and other misfortunes.” Secondly, they get a level of coaching at Bion that is second to none and continues to improve. Their coaching staff are all career trainers or striving to be. They don’t hire people that just want to moonlight as a coach because they think it would be cool. They continue to educate themselves, look for ways to better one another through staff meetings, reading, and workshops. They hold each other accountable, and never stop helping each other to get better. The synergy they have as staff cannot be faked and is not often seen in other gyms.

Members in action!

Kory also shared with me the spirit of their gym, "One of my goals as the owner and leader of Bion is to keep the spirit of our members and staff as high as possible. Inspiration, positivity, and achievement are what we want our members and staff to walk out of the gym with daily. No matter what life issues outside of the gym we have, this is a facility where leaving those issues outside in the parking lot is encouraged so the time in the gym is more effectively utilized.

"The biggest mistake he sees other people make when exercising is trying to do too much too soon, not respecting the amount of time and dedication it takes to become truly fit. To fix this, one must understand that fitness should be treated as a life journey, not a 6-week fat to fit program. Kory shared, “There are skills to weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural exercise (Running, Rowing, Cycling, etc) that take a lifetime to master. If a person goes into their fitness journey with that mindset it is much more enjoyable and gives you plenty of things to work on for a lifetime without getting, “bored with working out"

Another mistake he sees is having unrealistic expectations, which he understands that isn't always the individual’s fault. Kory added, "There are a lot of faddish workout programs out there now that promise results that cannot be sustained. Setting realistic goals and timelines for achieving those goals should be one thing any person serious about becoming more fit should do. This will set you up for long term success."

When asked about the mistakes he sees other gyms commit, Kory responded, "Not to be conceded or ignorant, but I don’t spend too much time worrying about what other gyms are doing. There are many things I’m still trying to do to make Bion the absolute best gym it can be, so taking time to critique others would be taking time away from what's most important to me. What I can say is sometimes the biggest mistakes we as entrepreneurs make are the best forms of education. So anybody that reads this and has made a mistake, take it as a learning lesson and improve from it. With that being said, consulting is a future goal of mine. Hopefully, in the next one or two years."

Kory Faber, owner.

Kory works very hard, never gives up and loves his business, but getting to where he is now has been a long road full of ups and downs. Kory said, "I have never shared this publicly, but to make it in the personal training industry I have had to sacrifice much more than anyone will ever know, and more than what I can share in one paragraph. When I got out of the military to take a chance at making personal training a full-time career it was a scary choice. It was extremely difficult financially in the beginning while building my clientele. I had blown through all of my savings to survive, was completely out of money and didn’t have the nerve to ask anyone for help. I had to pay bills and buy groceries on credit, give up my social life so I could be in the gym 15 hours a day developing rapport with strangers, and had many sleepless nights wondering how much longer I could survive. I will never forget the times I had to take my empty protein jug full of change to the store just to buy gas. With all that, I never stopped working hard, kept building relationships, and kept believing in myself until I eventually made it. That was over a decade ago. I’m glad I stuck with it because it has been and is one of the most rewarding professions in the world."

"Lastly, I would also want people to know I am someone that does everything I can to provide the best life I am capable of for my wife, my kids, and my Bion family. That’s what fulfills me, and truly all that matters."

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