What Makes CrossFit So Effective?

Published February 4, 2020

If you’re even slightly engaged in the fitness community, you’ve probably heard of CrossFit.

But what’s created this fitness phenomenon? What makes CrossFit so effective? We’ll break down what a CrossFit workout is and how it can elevate your fitness level.

What Makes CrossFit Exercises Different?

Many individuals have a specific focus in mind when they hit the gym. You might hit the treadmill or the Stairmaster to get cardio and start burning calories. Others might gravitate to weightlifting with a focus on challenging your muscles. These exercise routines are tried and true and work well with a well-balanced diet.

CrossFit changes things up.

CrossFit packs all aspects of your fitness into a tight, one-hour package. During a CrossFit Program, you’ll challenge your cardiovascular endurance, your strength, and even perform some gymnastic body weight exercises. A key difference between CrossFit and other typical exercises is that it focuses on constant high intensity, functional movement. 

You can expect to use barbells, dumbbells, rings, jump ropes, medicine balls, and more. All of these exercises focus on short bursts or high intensity intervals. Practitioners work as hard as possible in a given period while maintaining proper form. You’ll keep track of your performance on each activity and compete with yourself to improve each time you take part in the routine. 

Is CrossFit Just High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

This is a common mistake, but CrossFit and HIIT are not one and the same. HIIT workouts are always performed in set, rigid intervals. You can adjust these intervals, but you ultimately adhere to the workout schedule throughout. 

CrossFit contains elements of HIIT in that it can push your cardiovascular endurance intensely in short bursts. However, you don’t need to, and you might not be able to perform all of the scheduled exercises in one go. 

CrossFit offers more variability in how you can complete the exercises if you’re unable to do it all in one set. HIIT strives to push your cardio, whereas CrossFit trains strength adequately as well. 

So, What Makes CrossFit So Effective?

CrossFit is an excellent means of exercise as it allows you to improve all areas of fitness in one neatly packed hour of activity. More specialized training might see you focusing entirely on cardio, whereas if your goal is purely to gain muscle, you might focus on the weights. 

CrossFit allows you to work your lungs and improve your functional strength. Many exercises are calisthenics, pushing your strength while getting you comfortable with your own body weight. You’ll lose weight, get stronger, improve your form and posture, all while performing dynamic, changing activity that keeps you interested. 

The final key that has propelled CrossFit to prominence is the sense of community. It can benefit newcomers and practiced athletes alike. CrossFit groups work with common goals in mind, and support and challenge each other to improve. Much like personal training, individuals tend to see real results when they have others holding them accountable for their own success.

Bion CrossFit and Personal Training - Tucson, AZ

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