Congratulations Coach Steph on your promotion!

Published April 30, 2020

In a world full of bad news Bion is excited to bring you some good! Coach Steph, a one-time member, and long time employee has officially been promoted to part-time general manager. She will still be training/coaching too so don't worry.
Months before COVID19 rocked all of us Steph and I were having conversations about this promotion and what the additional duties of part-time management would entail. Just as we were going to announce her promotion the pandemic struck and brought things to a halt. The amazing thing about Steph, who I have for a long time considered my right arm, is she has decided to still take on the position even without immediate financial gain. This is the type of person she is though, during a difficult time where Bion has taken a huge blow she has risen up to do what's best for the company. It is that loyalty and commitment to excellence that will make this a winning situation and allow us to rebuild at an even faster pace.
Steph has always done things the right way, performs her job at a high level, she's always professional, and possesses great communication skills. These characteristics and qualifications that include having an MBA, being extremely organized, and having tons of on the job experience have made this an easy decision. I am super excited to continue working with Steph on company projects with the ultimate goal of turning Bion into an even more highly desirable place to train. It is also exciting because with her help it will allow me to have more time to train clients on the floor and stay more connected to our amazing team and community. 
Here is a Q&A I had with Steph about her promotion. Enjoy!

1.) How did you very first hear about Bion?


My husband, Chris found out about Bion from a friend who was coaching there at the time. Chris was very excited to start training there and after my first comp session, I was hooked. I immediately made a spreadsheet of our family schedules (the accountant in me) and realized if I was going to make it to any classes, I would have to become a morning person! I became a member of the Dawn Patrol and never looked back.


2.) Having an MBA, did you ever think you would be a personal trainer one day?


Not at all. This question makes me smile because as I reflect on my professional career I can see how each role or position I’ve held has uniquely prepared me for where I’m at today. 


3.) What has been one of your favorite things about being a trainer at Bion and what do you look forward to the most with the additional duties of being a manager? 


Hands down, the absolute best part of being a trainer at Bion is investing my time in our members. We have THE BEST members and I genuinely enjoy the time I’m at the gym. It never feels like work. I am looking forward to collaborating on systems that will enhance our member experience and overall brand. Long before I became a trainer, Kory shared with me the history of Bion and his dreams for its future. I feel truly grateful to play a role in those coming to fruition.


4.) Clean & Jerks or Snatches? Snatches all day. You know the feeling of a perfectly executed squat snatch. I love that feeling and I’m constantly chasing it. 


5.) During this pandemic, we have seen that being physically fit certainly plays a role in how COVID19 might affect a person. What would be your message to anyone who reads this that might not know how or where to start their fitness journey?


Well, you certainly won’t forget starting your journey during a worldwide pandemic!  To help, we have made available daily programming, open to anyone, called our Bion Body Wods. I would add that I’m proud of you for realizing your health matters and I’ll meet you at the gym when we can meet in person!


6.) What's your message to all our Bion family eagerly waiting to return to the gym?


We may have more questions than answers, more frustrations than victories right now, however, We WILL roll the doors up again, we WILL turn that music up again, and we WILL be together again making those gains. Stay healthy and strong in spirit until that time comes.


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